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Free Case Evaluation

I can't tell you if you need legal assistance until I know about your situation. I don't want you to wait to seek help because you are worried about paying a fee and not getting anything for it. So I offer a free case evaluation where I will tell you whether or not I can help you and what I think it might cost. The fee arrangements vary based on the type of cases, in some cases you might not be responsible for any fees at all. (dial 906) 542-4702

Stop Collection Abuse

Federal Law prohibits debt collectors from harassing, abusing, lying to, and threatening unlawful action against consumers. You could collect up to $1000 in statutory damages (or more for actual damages like financial loss or emotional distress) and make the collector pay my attorney fees. Contact me to learn more about your rights when a debt collector starts calling. (dial 906) 542-4702

Sued by a Debt Collector

If you have been sued by a debt collector do not ignore it! If you do not respond you could lose your chance to dispute any part of the debt. Dealing with debt collectors and the court can be difficult and intimidating. I may be able to help you through this process and even reduce or eliminate your debt. If you have been sued by a debt collector then the clock is ticking, contact me today to schedule an appointment. (dial 906) 542-4702

Criminal Defense - $399 Drunk Driving

When you are faced with a criminal charge you need an attorney who will fight for your rights. I offer Fair Flat Rates for most criminal offenses including a special $399 rate for first time drunk driving. Contact me today, don't go to court alone.

"Every day I was on the job, I was asked to break the law” - former debt collector quoted in "America's Abusive Debt Collectors" Newsweek, January 1, 2012.